Inspired by nature

Research is reflected in the innovative and sinuous design. 
We let nature inspire us and we have chosen an ergonomic shape for your hands.


Choix is a soap but it does not contain soap. It is a cleanser with physiological pH similar to that of the skin. In a few words: extremely delicate.

First of all the quality

Our soaps come from research and have a purpose: 
Pamper  your skin with a cleanser that it is synonymous of  durability, refined essences, design. 

Perfumed like few others

The first thing you notice when you open a pack of Choix soaps? 
A special fragrance, gentle, non-aggressive. Imagine it on your  skin.

A lasting soap

Choix Syndet Cube is a soap that reminds  of the modern schools of design, but it is not an ornament. 
Use it every day: it is designed to last.


Choix Syndet Cube

What do you search for a face and body soap? A simple detergent or a packaged product with high quality ingredients that respects the skin? Do you content yourself with a simple soap, aggressive and anonymous, or do you want to leave a pleasant fragrance on your skin?

Even the choice of a hand soap is important, especially if you are not satisfied with an ordinary product. Choix Syndet Cube meets all your needs: smells long, contains natural essences principles and does not mistreat your skin. In addition, due to its ergonomic shape, it becomes an object of design.

One more reason to choose Choix syndet Cube: it is a soap that does not contain soap, but a solid synthesis detergent at physiological pH similar to that of the skin unlike traditional soaps at alkaline pH that attack and damage the hydrolipid layer.

A quality soap cleanses, leaves a good fragrance  for a long time and respects the skin. For that reason Choix fragrances do not contain preservatives, coloring agents and animal origin substances. In addition the fragrances we use, are allergens free. We take care of you.

Choix Products



For a clear and clean skin

A beauty ritual, a treatment of love to find a smooth velvety skin, a new feeling of freshness and cleanliness. This is Pure.

The beauty of the skin also feed through health. This is this the reason for Pure born , the soap for oily and seborrheic  skins of Choix which helps to fight acne. This only works because oatmeal  thanks to its high anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, absorbs excess sebum and promotes oxygenation. The result? A cool, bright and soft skin. Salicylic acid and thymol exert a derma cleansing action and help to reduce excessive sebum secretion due to  tonic and astringent properties. To complete this magical alchemy  a great refreshing  was added: thymol.



All kinds of skin

A soft foam and an Eastern fragrance caress the body in a ritual of beauty and skin care: that is why it is so easy to fall in love with Kare soap.


Scrub - All kinds of skin

Massage your body with gentle forms of Caresse soap, give energy and strength to cells, give new elasticity to your skin.


The summer on your skin

Take care of your Skin, enjoy summer at the beach and protect your tan with Solaris, a soap able to give you an immediate feeling of well-being.


Soft pampering for your skin

Through the breath of a feather comes a delicate and creamy lather to give cuddles and attention to those they love themselves. Just a moment to love the touch of Plume.